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Studio Policies


Harmonio Piano Studio Policies


Last updated May 2022


LessonsIndividual lessons are available during school terms, and recommended during the holidays to maintain practice routines and the skills attained. Group lessons and student concerts are available periodically.


Arriving on time: Students are expected to arrive for lessons in a timely manner and wash their hands upon arrival. If a student arrives late the teacher will not be obligated to finish the lesson later or make up the time. Students may arrive early, as long as they remain quiet and do not distract the student having a lesson at that time.


Water and protein snacks: It’s recommended that the student drinks a glass of water before each lesson and each practice session to improve concentration. A protein snack (such as nuts or eggs) may also be helpful.


Family members: Family members are welcome to attend lessons as long as they wash their hands upon arrival, occupy themselves quietly in the piano area, and respect the teacher’s and the venue’s property. Devices need to be disinfected, and muted or used with earphones. The teacher is not responsible for siblings’ safety during lessons. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend all lessons and to take notes to help students practise correctly.


Online lessons: Students need to be prepared for Zoom lessons in the event of government restrictions, illness, or the venue being unavailable due to funerals. Lessons need to be via Zoom please if the student or a member of their household may have an infectious illness or have returned from overseas during the past 14 days. If a Zoom lesson is required, please notify the teacher by text message as soon as possible. Parents/guardians are welcome to negotiate a Zoom lesson time that is different from the student’s normal lesson time, if more convenient. The teacher is available for a free practice online session ahead of time for families who are unfamiliar with Zoom.


Respecting the venueStudents and family members need to remain in the piano area, except when going to the toilets. The rest of the building is out of bounds. No smoking or vaping are allowed on the premises. No swearing, drinking alcohol, or the eating of meat products are allowed on the Cambridge premises.


Music books and materials:  Students are expected to bring their music book(s), notebook/practice book, and a folder for loose sheets to every lesson. The teacher will provide the music books and practice book after discussing these with the parent/guardian. The cost of these books will be added to the next invoice.


Listening and practice:  In addition to the lesson time, the student is expected to listen to a recording of their pieces every day, and practise for at least half their lesson time every day, 5 days per week, based on the notes from the last lesson. Students and parents are welcome to text the teacher with any questions. It’s recommended that the parent/guardian schedules music practice as part of the student’s daily routine, ideally around the same time each day and when the student is not tired. Young students need an adult’s help to keep to their practice schedule, to stay focused, to practise accurately, and to maintain a healthy posture and hand position.


Discontinuing lessons:  A term started must be completed. If lessons are stopped before the end of a term the remaining lessons will not be refunded. Lessons may be stopped by giving notice no later than two weeks before the end of that term. The teacher may stop lessons with one week’s notice at any time if lesson fees are unpaid without an alternative arrangement; lessons are repeatedly missed; or the student repeatedly practises little.


Examinations:  Optional piano and music theory exams are available at an extra cost when students have reached the appropriate level. Additional lessons at an extra cost may be required before an exam.


Privacy PolicyThe teacher promises to keep each family’s personal and contact details confidential and secure. A student or their parent/guardian may record part of their lesson, or receive recordings from the teacher, to help the student practise. Recordings may not be posted online, distributed, or used for any other purpose. No photos or recordings may be taken of the teacher, other students, or their family members, without their express permission.


Payment: Each term’s fees need to be paid in advance by the due date in order to secure the student’s slot for the term. An invoice may include group lessons received during the previous term and lessons received during the preceding holidays. Lessons not taken at the scheduled time will be forfeited unless, prior to the lesson, the teacher and parent/guardian have arranged an alternative time. Forfeited lessons will be credited to the next term’s fees only if they were cancelled by the teacher. By paying an invoice the family agrees to comply with studio policies.

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